Ventilation Goggle SG152


* To give users the best vision so that they can focus on the job, the face shield has the highest optical properties (Class 1) in tests of spherical refractive power, astigmatic refractive power, prismatic refractive power, and light diffusion.
* Includes front and lateral impact resistance.
* Made of extrusion grade poly carbonate with very high mechanical strength, the face shield can withstand the impact of a 6 mm nominal diameter steel ball striking it at a speed of 120 m/s.
* According to the testing method of European standard, heat one end of a steel rod, 300 mm long and 6 mm nominal diameter to 650 ℃. Press the heated face of the rod against the surface of the sample for 5 seconds. The face shield shall not ignite nor continue to glow.
* Ideal protection against chemical splash,impact and dust.
* Complies with ANSI Z87.1 and EN166 standards.

Important Information
The goggles must be inspected frequently and replaced in case of worn out or damaged parts. Keep out from direct sunlight and abrasive substances.

Storage and cleaning
Clean the lens with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. The frames can be disinfected with a neutral detergent.

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Watertight safety goggles thanks to the adjustable elasticated headband and inner lining ensuring a perfect fit to the face. Feature direct
ventilation holes. Feature an ergonomic design and an extremely comfortable shape.

Polyurethane clear lens 2-1,21B: protects from UV radiation with possible colour distortion. Light transmission from 74,4% to 99,9%. Suitable for continuous use. Impact-resistant lens (6 mm diameter steel ball at a speed of 120 m/s)

Recommended for
Protection against particles and splashing.

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